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Research Project

Students at the University of Cologne - Diverse lifestyles, equal opportunities for participation and interdisciplinary study

Students at the University of Cologne - Diverse lifestyles, equal opportunities for participation and interdisciplinary study
Running time: - 04/2014-03/2015 -

In the summer semester 2014 and the winter semester 2014/15 the students of the UzK were offered the opportunity to take part in a research project within the framework of two semester seminars, which served the preparation of a joint master's degree course "Gender Studies".
The one-year research project, funded by the Equal Opportunities Commission, addressed the question of what conditions a degree programme must provide in order to enable as many students as possible to successfully participate in it against the background of different everyday situations and requirements. In order to create these conditions, students themselves participated in researching the different and diverse starting situations and orientations that are relevant for everyday student life and thus also for the conception of a degree programme.
The courses were held in the summer semester 2014 with weekly sessions and resumed in the winter semester 14/15 with block courses.

1st event: "Students at the UzK: everyday life/differences".
Lecturer: Stephanie Reuter Zakirova
Time: Wednesday 12.00 - 13.30 o'clock

The main focus of the seminar is the research of different everyday experiences and requirements of the students.

What is my everyday life? Which everyday paths do I take, which obligations do I have to fulfil, when do I depend on support, which relationships hold me, which places are important for me and how do everyday life and studies interlock? For this purpose we will plan, carry out and evaluate 'derivatives', i.e. after a theoretical/methodical examination and planning we will approach concrete everyday situations, go to places and go down paths in order to open up common spaces of experience. We will accompany the derivatives on film and photographically in order to then discuss, evaluate and process the collected material together.

2nd event: "Students at the UzK: Constellations, Orientations, Practices".

Lecturer: Stephanie Reuter Zakirova
Time: Wednesday 14.00 - 15.30 o'clock

This seminar focuses on the exploration of different constellations of everyday life, which in turn are linked to different orientations and practices, including practices of study. We are concerned here with the interfaces, differences and similarities among heterogeneous groups such as students with children or with other care obligations, among international students or politically organised groups and their compatibility with expectations and demands of everyday (study) life.

Following a theoretical and methodological examination, the research work will take place within the framework of group workshops and qualitative interviews. Here we will also use audiovisual, creative methods (photography, film and audio recordings) to reflect on the possibilities of qualitative empirical research and conduct experimental research.